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Tarkistathan, että lähetät hakemuksen oikealta ajalta ja liität mukaan tarvittavat liitteet. Mitä huolellisemmin hakemus on täytetty, sitä nopeammin kassa saa hakemuksesi käsiteltyä.

Ohjeet hakemiseen

How to apply for adjusted allowance

Write down the days and hours you have worked for each employer exactly as they happened. Do not write down days and hours you have worked in your own part-time business.

  1. Notify the TE Office if you have begun part-time work or business activities
  2. Notify the TE Office also if you begin full-time work lasting more than two weeks and send the unemployment fund a copy of your employment contract
  3. Apply for the adjusted allowance in Nettikassa according to your salary payment period, either every four calendar weeks or once every calendar month. We will adjust the application period if necessary. (Link to Nettikassa instructions)
  4. Send the unemployment fund a copy of your employment contract for the part-time or gig work
  5. In the application’s additional information field, write down your estimated paydays

If you are applying for earnings-related allowance for the first time, be sure to also send us other necessary documents

Supporting documents

In most cases, the unemployment fund receives information from the Incomes Register. If necessary, you will be asked to provide your payslips.