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Waiting period

After you have met the employment requirement, there is usually a waiting period before the allowance is paid.  The waiting period is equal to five weekdays without work and must be fulfilled within eight consecutive calendar weeks. If you meet the employment requirement on Tuesday and are then entirely without work, the waiting period is from Wednesday to the following Tuesday. After the waiting period, you can be paid the daily allowance unless prevented by some other obstacle.  The waiting period accrues from days for which you would be entitled to the earnings-related daily allowance. Note that you need to be registered as an active jobseeker during the waiting period.

As a general rule, the waiting period can be imposed no more than once a year after you meet the employment requirement.

If you work part-time and are imposed a waiting period, the waiting period of five days of unemployment is determined using a calculation.

Example: you work 50% of full-time. Your waiting period is two weeks.

An exception is that if you participate in employment-promoting services during the waiting period, you are paid the allowance also for these days.