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Right to adjusted allowance

You may receive an adjusted allowance if:

  • You are registered with the TE Office as seeking full-time work
  • You work part-time or gig work.
  • Your hours have been reduced at your employer’s initiative and your employer cannot offer you full-time work.
  • You work part-time at up to 80% of the maximum hours of a full-time employee in your industry, or
  • You work occasional gigs or are unemployed and have accepted full-time work lasting up to two weeks, or
  • Your hours have been reduced due to a temporary lay-off
  • You earn part-time business income from a business which the TE Office has deemed part-time, and your hours can be tracked (particularly if you are working on commission) 
  • You receive royalties, writer’s fees, etc.

If you start in a full-time job lasting more than two weeks, you are not entitled to earnings-related allowance during this period.