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Income you earn from a business or agricultural and forestry activities affect your amount of earnings-related allowance. Please note that income from so-called light entrepreneurship (kevytyrittäjyys) is also taken into account in the amount of allowance you can receive.

  1. Notify the TE Office that you have begun business activities. The unemployment fund needs an opinion from the TE Office on your business activities
  2. If you receive income from a part-time business, notify the unemployment fund that you have started business activities and the type of company
  3. In your application, do not write down the days or hours you work in your business
  4. Business income from light entrepreneurship (, OP Light entrepreneur, etc.) are taken into account based on the application period during which you performed the work
  5. Send the unemployment fund a copy of your monthly accounting within one year of starting business activities
  6. After your taxation has been confirmed, your business income is taken into account according to the confirmed tax decision. Send your annual confirmed tax decision, including the itemised parts, to the unemployment fund.

If you start full-time business activities, contact the Entrepreneur Fund and your union without delay.