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Index-linked raises to earnings-related unemployment allowance and increments for dependent children on 1 January 2023

The national pension index increased by 4.2% on 1 January 2023. The national pension index is reviewed annually and follows the cost of living index published by Statistics Finland. Exceptionally, the index was reviewed in 2022 also at the beginning of August, when the national pension index rose by 3.5%.

Among other things, the national pension index adjusts the amount of basic unemployment allowance, which in turn is used to calculate earnings-related unemployment allowance. As a result of the index increase, basic unemployment allowance increased from 35.72 euros to 37.21 euros per day as of 1 January 2023.

Index raise for dependent children increments

The child increments of earnings-related unemployment allowance received an index-linked increase of 4.2% as of the start of 2023. There will also be a temporary 20% raise to child increments.

This means that after the increases, the child increment is 7.01 euros per day for one child, 10.29 euros per day for two children and 13.26 euros per day for three or more children in 2023.