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Cross-border workers and jobseeking in the EU

Cross-border workers

You are a cross-border worker if you work in a EU country other than your country of residence. The country paying your unemployment benefits depends on the nature of your unemployment.

  1. If you work part time, the country you work in pays your unemployment benefits.
  2. If you are entirely without work, your country of residence pays your unemployment benefits.

To receive unemployment benefits, you need to register as a jobseeker in the country that pays the benefits.

Jobseeking abroad in the EU

After you have been registered an unemployed jobseeker with the Employment and Economic Development (TE) Office for at least four weeks, you have the opportunity to go to look for work in another EU country for three months. During the time you look for work, the unemployment fund may pay you earnings-related allowance similarly as when you are living in Finland. The condition is that you notify the TE Office of your plans to leave abroad to look for work well in advance. The TE Office gives an opinion on your situation to the fund. You also need to register with the local employment authorities in the destination country within seven days of your departure.

Things to note: If you are planning to travel abroad for work or to look for work, contact the unemployment fund and TE Office well in advance of your planned departure.

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