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Tarkistathan, että lähetät hakemuksen oikealta ajalta ja liität mukaan tarvittavat liitteet. Mitä huolellisemmin hakemus on täytetty, sitä nopeammin kassa saa hakemuksesi käsiteltyä.

Ohjeet hakemiseen

Right to earnings related allowance

You can receive earnings-related daily allowance if you are unemployed, temporarily laid off or employed part-time if your hours have been reduced at the employer’s suggestion. You need to register as an unemployed jobseeker with the Employment and Economic Development (TE) Office on first day of unemployment at the latest and be ready to accept a full-time job. Your job search must be active when you apply for earnings-related allowance.


Earnings-related allowance is applied for retroactively in periods of one month or four calendar weeks (Monday to Sunday). If you are entirely without work, you can send the first application after the first two full calendar weeks. Check which documents you need to include with your application and whether you meet the conditions for earnings-related allowance.

Supporting documents


Conditions for earnings-related allowance

  • You have been a member of the unemployment fund for at least 26 calendar weeks
  • You have met the employment requirement during your membership
  • You have registered as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office
  • You are between 18 and 64 years old. You are entitled to the allowance also if you are between 65 and 68 years old and laid off temporarily.
  • You are unemployed, temporarily laid off or in part-time work