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Super Unemployment Fund – security in life’s changes

Super Unemployment Fund – security in life’s changes.  We look after you while you take care of others.

Processing of applications

13.03.2022 | First-time applications

20.03.2022 | Follow-up applications

13.03.2022 | Follow-up applications for adjusted allowance

We process applications in the order they arrive. If information is missing from the application, the employee handling your case will contact you by text message, mail or via the messaging function in Nettikassa.

Updated at 22.03.2022

Latest news

Changes to unemployment benefits in September


The Parliament has approved legislative amendments that will take effect in September. The work requirement will double, the level of earnings-related allowance is set to be reduced in stages over time and and age-related exceptions will be eliminated.



You can send all applications and other documents to the fund in Nettikassa. Nettikassa is the fastest and most secure way to send your applications and documents to the fund.

Earnings related allowance

You can receive earnings-related daily allowance if you are unemployed, temporarily laid off or employed part-time

Mobility allowance

Mobility allowance compensates your commuting costs and the costs of training related to your employment relationship.

Job alternation leave

Job alternation leave offers a way to take longer continuous leave from work.


Super Unemployment Fund is open to employees. By joining the fund, you secure your livelihood during unemployment or temporary lay-off. You can be a member of the unemployment fund through your union or as an unaffiliated member. Super Unemployment Fund’s fee for unaffiliated members is 7 € per month.


Legislative changes in 2024

The Government is planning major cuts to unemployment security that will affect everyone who receives unemployment allowance.

According to the Government Programme, the legislative reforms and cuts would enter into force in 2024. In other words, the reforms and cuts agreed in the Government Programme are not yet in effect. They may change, and some may not be put into effect at all.

Legislative changes in 2024