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Taxation of the allowances

Earnings-related allowance, job alternation allowance and mobility allowance are considered income subject to withholding tax.

The unemployment fund normally receives your tax information directly from the tax authorities at the start of the year. New tax cards come into effect from the start of February. If the fund cannot receive your tax information electronically from the tax authorities, we will ask you to send us your tax card.

The withholding tax rate of a tax card issued for an employee is increased to at least 25% for earnings-related daily allowance, job alternation allowance and mobility allowance.

If you want, you can request a revised tax card from the tax authorities for the allowance. In this case, the withholding tax rate for the earnings-related allowance is based on your tax card without an increase in the rate.

The fastest way to get a new tax card is the MyTax service. When you apply for a tax card in MyTax for the allowance and list Super työttömyyskassa unemployment fund as the recipient, we will receive your tax card electronically on the next weekday. This way, you do not need to send your tax card to us in Nettikassa or by mail.

You can send us a new tax card at any time. In doing so, the new tax card replaces the previous tax card effective from the day it arrives to us.

Tax cards  
You submit the revised tax card issued for the allowance to the unemployment fund. Vero pidätetään muutosverokortin mukaan
You submit the tax card issued for your salary or wages to the fund or we get your tax rate from the authorities. The fund uses the tax rate provided to us. The minimum withholding tax rate is 25%.
You submit a revised tax card issued for your salary or wages. Your revised tax card determines the withholding tax rate. The minimum tax rate is 25%.