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Matti Romakkaniemi Fund Direction matti.romakkaniemi(at) 09 2727 9365
Antti Murto  Financial and Administrative Manager    
Pekka Koivunen  Data Protection Officer tietosuojavastaava(at)
050 310 1213

Also the fund empolys about 25 people. Most work as benefit handlers.

Administration 2024-2028

Chair of the board Minna Sivanne minna.sivanne(at)
Timo Raesalmi   timo.raesalmi(at)
Satu Länsmans satu.lansmans(at)
Jaana Halonen jaana.halonen(at)
Jenni Päätalo jenni.paatalo(at)
Birgitta Orrela  birgitta.orrela(at)
Tanja Salmi tanja.salmi(at)
Päivi Hautala paivi.hautala(at)