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Job alternation leave offers a way to take longer continuous leave from work. During job alternation leave, you are paid a job alternation allowance. Your working hours need to have been more than 75% of full-time hours in the industry and your employer needs to agree to the job alternation leave. The length of job alternation leave is between 100 and 180 days. Job alternation leave must be taken in one continuous period.

Job alternation leave will be abolished on August 1, 2024. It is still possible to start job alternation leave on July 31, 2024.

  • you have been employed full time (more than 75% of maximum hours in the industry)
  • your employment relationship has lasted at least 13 months without interruption immediately preceding the start date of the job alternation leave. This 13-month period may include up to 30 days of unpaid leave. Leave taken due to illness or an injury is considered equivalent to working.
  • your employment history must be at least 20 years long. If necessary, you can ask that the unemployment fund checks the length of your employment history. You can request the check in Nettikassa, for example. Your employment history can also include up to five years of non-employed periods such as family leave.
  • if you have previously taken job alternation leave, you must work for five years between two leaves.
  • your employer must hire a substitute for the duration of your job alternation leave
  • you have signed a written agreement with your employer on the job alternation leave

There is an upper age limit for taking job alternation leave. Job alternation leave must begin at least three years before you reach the minimum age for retirement pension according to the Employees’ Pensions Act. However, this upper age limit does not apply to persons born before 1957. Check your minimum retirement pension age from your pension institution.

  • the amount of job alternation allowance is 70% of your full earnings-related allowance without increases for dependent children. You can calculate the amount of allowance you can receive using the allowance calculator.
  •  the earnings-related allowance used to calculate your job alternation allowance is based on earned income from at least 52 weeks preceding the job alternation leave
  • earned income you receive during the job alternation leave reduces the amount of alternation allowance. If you are employed during the job alternation allowance, report the days you have worked to the fund immediately and send us a copy of your employment contract for the part-time work
  • If you receive business income or earned income from agricultural or forestry activities, these may also affect your amount of job alternation allowance

If you work for your own employer during the job alternation leave, you are not entitled to the alternation allowance for the days you work. Report all days you are employed to the fund without delay.

Apply for job alternation allowance from the unemployment fund within three months of the start of your job alternation leave. The alternation allowance is paid retroactively usually every four calendar weeks. Notify the TE Office about your job alternation leave.

How to apply job alternation allowance

  • apply for job alternation allowance from the unemployment fund using the job alternation allowance application
  • you can fill in the application in Nettikassa
  • we recommend that you submit the alternation allowance application and any attachments to the fund by the end of the month when your job alternation leave begins. The decision on the allowance is made after the TE Office has issued its opinion, your application and all attachments have been submitted to the fund and payment of the job alternation allowance has begun.

Documents needed for the application:

  • wage certificate issued by your payroll administration for full pay periods from at least 52 weeks prior to the job alternation leave (link to form).
  • job alternation leave agreement
  • latest confirmed tax decision, including the itemised part if you have a business or receive earned income from agricultural or forestry activities

If you work during your job alternation leave, report these days to the fund without delay. If you work for another employer, we will also need the employment contract.

We receive the information needed to determine the length of your employment history directly from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.  If you are unsure whether you meet the minimum employment history of 20 years, you can ask that the unemployment fund check your employment history. The TE Office will advise you on other conditions for taking job alternation leave.

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You can send all applications and other documents to the fund in Nettikassa. Nettikassa is the fastest and most secure way to send your applications and documents to the fund. If you cannot access Nettikassa, use the forms below and mail them to Super Unemployment Fund.

We do not accept documents or applications sent by email.

Send the documents and applications in Nettikassa:


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